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Improve your nutrient stores and cycles before you conceive

If you’re ready to embark on the incredible journey of motherhood, there’s no time like the present to prepare your body for the most vital role it will ever play—the creation of new life.

In Real Food for Fertility, we explore the power of nutrition in optimizing your fertility and ensuring a healthy start for your future child.

Pregnancy demands an incredible amount from your body

Imagine your body as a bank account, and pregnancy as a time of massive withdrawals from your nutrient reserves. To thrive during pregnancy and beyond, you must invest in your nutrient stores today. The preconception window is a time to focus on saving (or coming out of nutritional debt) so you’re well prepared for this next stage.

In Real Food for Fertility, we show how preconception nutrition and lifestyle choices not only support your health and vitality but also lay the essential groundwork for your baby’s development. From promoting optimal egg and sperm quality to regulating your menstrual cycle and reducing the risk of pregnancy complications, the benefits of this investment are priceless.

Why does preconception nutrition matter?

If that isn’t reason enough, consider this: Improving nutrient intake before you get pregnant has an even greater impact on pregnancy outcomes than solely changing what you eat during pregnancy.

But this book isn't just about nutrition

We delve into topics like the menstrual cycle, fertility awareness, birth control, stress management, toxins, artificial reproductive technology (like IVF), and the most common reproductive health challenges affecting your fertility — and your partner’s fertility.

Let Real Food for Fertility be your roadmap and trusted companion as you take the first step toward building your family. In a world where more couples are facing fertility challenges, your nutrition and lifestyle can make all the difference.

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"I so appreciate the way Lily and Lisa have already contributed immeasurably to the field of women’s health and fertility. So I’m not surprised that they’ve done it again."

As someone who has devoted my life to empowering women with practical knowledge about their bodies, I so appreciate the way Lily and Lisa have already contributed immeasurably to the field of women’s health and fertility. So I’m not surprised that they’ve done it again. Even though this book is impeccably researched and packed with scientific principles, it is an eminently approachable guide for women wanting to consciously prepare their bodies for the best possible chance for a healthy pregnancy and head start for their baby.

What’s covered in

Real Food for Fertility

Fun facts about this book

From the earliest stages of planning this book all the way to completion, the process of writing Real Food for Fertility was a collaborative effort.

  • Writing this book took more than 3 years, during which time both of us launched practitioner training programs:
  • Real Food for Fertility went through over 12 rounds of edits
  • We chose a painting of an embryo on the cover (painted by Lily!) to visually represent fertility surrounded by the fertility-supportive foods we highlight within the book